Anti-bomb Inspect Series

Anti-Boom Blanket

Product Features:

Explosion-proof blankets, proof fence with light, easy to carry, simple operation, excellent antiknock characteristics.
For explosives isolation, protection, explosion-proof equipment required: expensive equipment, cultural archives and special public places.
Public security, armed police, civil aviation, railways, ports, customs and other necessary equipment explosion.

Our company has long been engaged bulletproof, explosion-proof products research and production.
Produced by the FBT-R08 1200mm × 1200mm, 1600mm × 1600mm proof blanket (fence),
the choice of anti-fragment woven aramid superior performance as the basic material,
using a special sewing techniques ensure blast-fragmentation fully absorb the energy generated .

The main technical performance:
Composition: Explosion-proof fence blanket
Size: Explosion blanket 1200 × 1200 (mm) 1600 × 1600 (mm)
Explosion-proof fence: 300 × 400 (mm)
How to use:
Explosion-proof fence and supporting the use of blanket, first explosion-proof fence covering the suspected explosives
and suspicious of explosives placed in the center fence,
then blanket overlying proof, explosion-proof blankets centering fence center.
When 82-2 type standard grenade detonated, 1m from the center of the explosion outside personnel from fatal injuries.
When 200gTNT naked drug when detonated, 3m away from the center of the explosion outside personnel from fatal injuries.
When the explosion-proof blanket (fence) is an explosion, it may not be used again.
Our R & D FBT-HT-RC08-proof blanket in high-speed rail, subway widely used. Including high-speed rail: Shi Wu line,
Nanjing-Hangzhou line, Ningbo lines, Subway: Beijing Subway Line 6, Beijing Metro Line 10, Chongqing Metro, Tianjin,
Tianjin Metro Line 2 subway line 3 and so on.
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