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Walkthrough Metal Detector keep safety for car exhibition

To:htsw Time:2013-08-23 09:49 
“Please go through walkthrough metal detector and leave your bags for screening machine checks. " the security of the police said to a female model preparing come on the stage.
Today is the first day of Labor’s Day, many people visit car exhibition . Everyone and bags should accept inspection, including models.
At 9 am, so many passengers crowded in front of the exhibition door, and waiting for inspection. All passengers go through the walkthrough metal detector and accept detect of handheld metal detector. All carry-on bag had checked with X ray baggage scanner. Reporters found that there are so many lighters in the carton next to the scanner. I
At 11 am, reporters found there are around 600 pcs lighters in the carton. People small and said, “We can accept inspection, it is for our safety.”
Police Tip
The data shows that the most objects been detected by walkthrough metal detector is lighters. For our safety, it is forbidden to take lighters in car exhibition.

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