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Features of conveying types metal detector

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According to engineer of Hengtongsiwei Technology Co., Ltd, conveyor type metal detector with dual frequency operation digital metal delivery system, which can detect with high accuracy ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals, from the working mode revolutionized ordinary metal detectors Detection single type and precision is not high status. The detection system uses low-power multi-channel direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS), by means of eddy current sensors detect metal foreign body. System for high-performance dual-core MCU processor data processing centers, the use of data matching software patent convolution algorithms. And to design a good interactive interface, greatly improving the readability of metal detectors and operability.
    1.2 Applications
    The metal detector can be used for aquatic products, meat, mushrooms, candy, food, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, health products, additives, spices, pharmaceuticals, health products, biological products, cosmetics, gifts, packaging, paper, chemicals raw materials, rubber, plastics, textiles, leather, chemical fiber, toys ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal impurities detected and removed.
    1.2 Product Features
    1. using the world's most advanced low-power multi-channel direct digital frequency synthesis technology, optimized combination of multiple frequencies, and work to improve the detection accuracy
   2. high-performance dual-core MCU system processor data processing centers, improve the detection performance of the detector and intelligence
   3. using data matching software patent convolution algorithm to improve the detection sensitivity and matching precision products
    4. adopts the international advanced technology, completely eliminate blind spots metallic foreign body detection.
     5.  touch screen interface, the English-style single screen, easy operation no buttons Dialogue
     6.  can store 100 kinds of products, suitable varieties varied production line
    7. The detection range, four kinds of detection mode adjustable, dry / damp / wet medium / high humidity, the user can be seized on the product, on-site arbitrary choice
    8. variable speed conveyor belt, suitable for different production lines
    9. feeding structure by rapid disassembly, convenient cleaning and maintenance simple
    10. The belt structure of the special design to avoid belt deviation
11. Machine has excellent waterproof capability, in line with the national standard IP-66.

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