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Is necessary for Subway Station to install Walkthrough Metal

To:htsw Time:2013-08-23 09:51 
Currently, all stations are equipped with X Ray Baggage Scanner, but most have not installed walkhtrough metal detector. This caused a lot of people's attention.  Is necessary for Subway Station to install Walkthrough Metal Detector?
Let us look at the detection screening machine:
A 20 cm long fruit knife, a blade length of 27 cm has been opened ornamental wooden handle knife, are regarded as knives, can not be brought into the subway. At 11:00 on May 2, reporters these two tools into the package, came to Metro Line 10 Tuanjiehu Station northeast entrance. Erected beside the blue diversion screening machine belt, a male passenger screeners at the entrance guide for screening. Reporter bag through security along the conveyor belt machine, sitting in the staff of the monitor screen after no response.
 At 11am, Dongzhimen Station Metro Line 2 Northeast Entrance. Here, the reporter placed knives bag screening machine is still being released. Monitor screen after seeking only female screeners buried in a book recording something, did not look up at the screen.
Beijing Railway Station area is more concentrated flow of people, where security will not be more stringent? 11:45, the reporter went to Beijing Subway Line 2 Station West Exit. This time, the staff touches his eyes glued to the monitor screen. Unexpectedly, the reporter's bag slowly through the security machine, nor did he make any representations. Thus, the bag two knives and a smooth follow reporters to enter the subway. Within 45 minutes, contraband face subway security, and even pass three hurdles.
Although the detection of the baggage screening machine has security, but security is a very important body part, so I think it is necessary to install security doors.

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