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Walkthrough Metal Detector is Good Steward for Hardware F

To:htsw Time:2013-08-23 09:54 
Recently, a metal products factory official from Hebei Cangzhou told me that excitedly, since install walkhtrough metal detector in front of the factory gate, management of the enterprise become easy. The carry secretly phenomenon with copper has gone.
The main products of this enterprise is copper, always in small pieces. This enterprise has more than 100 workers. The copper fittings often lost before, no one suspect the worker. Until found they found inadvertently that a worker in his pocket after work with a number of pieces of copper. Even not finished, but the copper price is very expensive, together have more than 50 yuan of money. Finally the manager found the reason of lost of copper.
Later, the manager thought about how to control this phenomenon? At beginning, they increase guard officers, employees, checking after work, but they found this method is too slow. So they go online to check to handle this problem. Only walkthrough metal detector can work well on this problem. After that, never appear the phenomenon of loss copper.

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