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They Heat Security Staff before Walkthrough Metal Detector!

To:htsw Time:2013-08-23 09:52 
On April 3, 2013, according to business people of Hengtongsiwei company, subway usually only equipped the X ray baggage scanner, not only in sichuan chengdu subway with AnJianJi and used to detect the hassles of human body. Passengers with bags enter in  AnJianJi subway station should go through the WTMD. The door alarm when one passenger named sun so through. The security ask him stop intentionally embarrass him, and checking the bag again with X-ray baggage scanner, finally arrested him.
It happened in chengdu tianfu square station, subject in security routine check, passengers check after Sun put the bag in baggage scanner, then straight to security door, security alarm with “beep". X-ray sign for sun for inspection and when the sun side by the packet to side through the hassles said 'I take the subway everyday, never called by police, except today, are you looking for trouble?,' subject to its stopped, the two sides theory after a few words, sun "a few boxing threw" directly. From the tianfu square station in administrative detention.
Subway security checks are for the sake of the safety of the passengers. Every subway station is equipped with baggage scanner, but chengdu subway is the first one installing walkthrough metal detector and X ray machine together. It can work better. There are so many passenger everyday. For our safety, it is better to install walkthrough metal detector in public pace.

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