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To keep Children Safe, Kindergarten Install Walkthrough Meta

To:htsw Time:2013-08-23 09:52 
In April 2010, Jiangsu Taixing has happened five hurt young children in the park of abnormal events  within 40 days. Although the mob has been severely punished by the law but it brings parents and children in the heart of trauma is a short period of time beyond repair. Similar events occurred in Fujian Nanping, Hepu of Guangxi and Guangdong place, especially for many times he against children miserably, its behavior is outrageous.
Now, under the guidance of the government, under the supervision of public opinion, and kindergarten for security improvement, in addition to the school into the garden and arrange the necessary security personnel, when personnel want to enter, they must have register and explain reason and must pass the check of walkthrough metal detector. Part in this context, the kindergarten USES the hassles and handheld metal detectors, dedicated to the people in the park, to prevent the illegal instruments such as knives, metallic material into the garden, for children and staff make person damage behavior.
Chaozhou straight kindergarten teacher zhang said, "the vicious incident, Taixing kindergarten school about this special opened a large meeting, focus on dealing with the practice of this kind of event we park and plan, in the years just from strengthen security personnel and norms and strict management aspects. In considering the complexity of the people in the park, now, we also apply for the special fund, also introduced a more advanced security equipment. From the two aspects of civil air defense and dimension, to prevent such malignant events in our park.

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