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X Ray Machine Checked lots of Lighters

To:htsw Time:2013-08-23 09:53 
According to changchun international airport said in a news release, the recent through security X-ray security screening continuous belt buckle type cigarette lighters, seized the contraband is not allowed to carry on.
On November 15, airport X-ray metal detector door personal checks, found a passengers fasten belt buckle than ordinary belt buckle is wide, the back is slightly raised. After further examination found that the belt buckle at the back has a switch, when touch switch, will come up to the flame from the space above the belt buckle, so this is a kind of belt buckle type cigarette lighter.
Because of this item it possesses the function of the lighters and belt buckle, in order to ensure flight and passenger safety, passenger on the interpretation rules, security department will unload the lighter parts of the belt buckle.
On November 23, airport X-ray on taking CZ6580 flight passenger security X-ray inspection, found a belt buckle type cigarette lighter.
Many times these days, airport security seized all sorts of strange shape of the lighter, remind the passengers here: don't ignore because it is those items peculiar function and ignore the potential safety hazard, do not carry the civil aviation administration prohibited contraband flight.

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